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Wanted Wednesdays: Unsolved Homicides April 7, 2010

If you’ve ever watched prime time shows such as Law & Order, Cold Case, or CSI you’ll know that homicides never close. So I went searching for the oldest open case of homicide in Florida. I found the Sims Homicide which occurred on October 22, 1966 in Leon County Florida. Here is what they know:

Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell was the first deputy on the scene 31 years ago on October 22, 1966. At approximately 11 p.m., Dr. Robert W. Sims, 42; and his daughter Joy, 12; were found dead. Helen Sims, 37, was gravely wounded by two gunshots to the head. The older Sims daughters, Virginia, 17; and Judy, 15, were not at home; both were baby-sitting. Joy Sims had been gagged with a stocking and tied up. Her mother was found on the floor; both parents also were tightly bound. Dr. Sims was killed with one bullet to the head; Joy had been stabbed seven times in the chest and abdomen. Mrs. Sims, who had been shot twice in the head and once in the leg, died later at the hospital.

Officers gathering evidence found nearly 1,000 latent fingerprints. There was no sign of forced entry; however, the door lock might have been faulty. The absence of any struggle hints that the victims may have known their killer. More than one killer may have committed the murders. There was no evidence of a struggle in the home, and it would have been difficult for one person to subdue two adults and a child alone.

Anyone who might have information that would help solve this case is urged to contact the Leon County Sheriff’s Office, (850)922-3300.

Leon County Sheriff’s Office

There are currently 64 unsolved homicides in Florida according to The Florida Department of Law Enforcement. The Sims case being the oldest of the them.


10 Responses to “Wanted Wednesdays: Unsolved Homicides”

  1. All those cases are so heartbreaking. (Love the shows.) I am surprised, though. I’d have thought the oldest case would have gone back farther.

    Thanks for visiting my blog today! I really enjoyed your input. 🙂

  2. Lyra Says:

    I was surprised as well that the oldest open case was only 1966. I also thought it would go back farther. That is an interesting question. I’ll see if I can find an answer.

  3. Ugh. It’s so dreadful to think how much they suffered. And also terrible to think the culprits got away with it. 😦

  4. Lyra Says:

    Oh yes, I know. I put the website up because they have contact information in case anyone should happen to know anything about any of the open cases.

    I did a cursory search on the net and could not find information on if they actually close homicide cases past a certain date. Although I did run across an open homicide in Michigan that is from the 1930’s.

  5. stamperdad Says:

    As a writer I’m fascinated with cold cases. Somewhere someone knows the answers. Finding them is the difficulty facing investigators. Likely the perp has died or is incarcerated for other crimes. DNA has assisted with many, but for the very old like this one, no DNA exists for comparison. Great post. This is an issue that needs attention.

  6. Lisa Says:

    I’m sorry this is probably WAY off the wall, but what if it’s not? It regards the violent death of a 16 yr old girl in Florida, I’m guessing a year ago, maybe more.

    There is a couple here in Galveston who showed up from Florida about a year ago, living on the beach until they took over management of a property where we are renting. He beats the crap out of her regularly, once threatening to “burn her eyes out”. They are constantly drunk, which leads to her going on crack binges. She is a cutter, meaning borderline — pretty odd for a 52 yr old woman. People usually outgrow that crap. To the point, she supposedly had a 16 yr old dtr killed, found the very next day but unsolved as to who did it.

    So they moved here. Why would a mother leave the state with an unsolved death of her only custodial child? Isn’t their behavior all around alarming. Is there a way to follow-up on this? I don’t even know if the names or places they mention are true, or even the story about the girl for that matter. Help!

  7. Harvey Says:

    Another Cold Case should be added. This one was in March 1966 and is now an active open case.

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